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End user manual

If you are here to learn how to edit content through Usecue CMS, you are at the right place. Usecue CMS has some great features, which make it loved by both developers and content editors.


This CMS uses a professional workflow, leveraging the power of Git (version management software) and Markdown (a better markup format). This ensures perfect version management and ultra clean content. This professional workflow contains terms like ‘build’, ‘commit’ and ‘remote’. We love tech and we hope you will too. If you feel uncertain using these terms, please read this manual.

Publish by ‘committing’

Changes are not published upon save. Publishing them requires a manual step. There is no ‘publish’ button. You need to ‘commit’ and ‘push to remote’ to publish your changes. This is related to the version management. You can read more about this in the manual about the dashboard.

Upload images first

To keep things tidy, we decided that uploading images should be done BEFORE referencing them in your content. So, first you go to uploads in the CMS. There you upload your new image at the most suitable location. Then you open your page and select your newly uploaded image.