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Usecue CMS is a Hugo specific, zero config, multi user, mobile friendly, Git based CMS with instant deployments and shortcode support. The design philosophy of Usecue CMS is based on the following values:

Great DX

We are primarily focused on the developer experience. We want it to be a joy to build a Hugo site for this CMS. Therefore Usecue CMS does not require any configuration. Just connect your Hugo site and go!

Love for tech

We strongly believe that content editors love technology just as much as website developers do. We think they can handle concepts like Markdown and Git and we believe they will enjoy their sophistication and beauty. Therefore, this CMS enables content editors to:

  • document content changes through commit messages
  • directly write Markdown and learn how to do so
  • understand the structure of the files that make up their website

Anyone anywhere

People should be able to update their websites wherever they are. We believe that CMS systems are nothing more and nothing less than a large amount of small forms. We tried to keep everything as simple as possible, to support small screens. This resulted in a very minimal ‘mobile first’ layout.

Strictly content

In this CMS you can strictly edit content. Even text colors cannot be set. The CMS simply does not allow content editors to deteriorate a carefully created design. We believe that this improves the lifetime and effectiveness of your website.