Hugo specific

The CMS is build specific for Hugo websites. Therefore it supports multiple content directories (in multilingual websites) and automatically recognizes your sections.

Zero config

Unlike many other CMS systems you do not need to configure this CMS. Just connect it to your Hugo website and you should be ready to go! This means that we guess which input type is most suitable for the fields of your page. For example, when you use a field that ends in ‘_date’ or is called ‘date’, we automatically give you a date picker. Another example is that fields with section names will automatically be converted in a select field, allowing you to choose one or more items of that specific section. For more information on this, see our input types.

Multi user

Users can have multiple websites and websites can have multiple users. This makes switching between your websites a breeze. This is particularly useful for agencies managing multiple websites.

Git based

This CMS doen not only use Git, it is truly ‘git based’ and supports not only git commits, but also git commit messages with their proper authors. An proposed harmonic Git workflow for all.


Our application works just as well on a mobile device, as on a laptop or desktop computer.