Welcome to the documentation site of cms.usecue.com. This documentation is written for developers creating website, not for users maintaining content on websites. If you want to know how to use the CMS, please refer to our user manual.

CMS update

UseCue CMS is a Hugo specific, zero-config, multi user, mobile friendly, git based CMS. It is geeky and that’s exactly how we like it. Want to get started? Read this first!

Prior knowledge

Developers who read this documentation are expected to be experienced in building Hugo sites. This website explains all the specific features of this CMS, but it does not explain how Hugo works. For more information on Hugo visit it’s official documentation.

Why UseCue CMS?

You should choose for Usecue CMS because it:

  1. adds safety to your git workflow
  2. truly embraces git
  3. will deploy your website instantly

Editting a Hugo site directly on Github may break your site. This CMS prevents that from happening. This CMS will also provide proper commit messages, including the correct author, preventing pollution in your git repository. Finally, you will no longer have to wait for your deploy after you press ‘save’ or ‘publish’. Read our philosophy to learn more about our design choices and goals.