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We stayed up all day

A relatively unknown company was recently featured on Dutch national television. Guess what happened? The website, which was hosted on Cloudflare, became terribly slow. It became so slow it eventually ceased to fully load: the Digg effect. Cloudflare has admitted to lower the speed of suddenly popular websites in some cases, in order to prevent heavy load on their systems. This website suffered from the same (or a similar) issue, resulting into the website going down effectively.

A few weeks later the company was featured again on Dutch national television. We used this opportunity to move the website to Usecue CMS with its integrated hosting solution. We measured their traffic. Instead of the regular 30 Megabytes we served 2 Gigabytes the day of the second television show (60+ times as much). Guess what? We stayed up all day, delivering the website at lightning fast speeds. This lead to some very valuable leads for our customer, whereas the earlier event resulted in zero leads.

The perfect example of what proper hosting can do for you.