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Competitive pricing

Here is our view on a reasonable fee for a small to medium sized business website:

Hosting         5 euro
Bandwidth       3 euro
Traffic         2 euro
CMS            10 euro
Form handling   5 euro
Spam filter     2 euro
Statistics      3 euro

Total          30 euro/month

Bandwidth should be unthrottled and traffic unlimited (within reason). A fee of 30 euro is on par with other managed hosting solutions, like (25-45), Wix (29), Squarespace (23-49), etc. Ofcourse you should expect to pay a premium for additional services like extended support, training, a technical account manager, etc.

Note that you can probably get a better deal when you outsource the hosting to a free hosting platform, like Cloudflare or Vercel, where traffic is limited and CPU and bandwidth are throttled. However, this also means that your deploy times will be minutes instead of seconds and you might have to pay for overages.